Monday, January 30, 2012

Karate, karate everyone!

My kids just tested for their orange and green belts, respectively.  That means that the oldest gets to wear a half-black uniform, so we opted to get black pants, because he's got all kinds of patches on his gi top, and I really didn't want to have to buy new patches and sew them to the new top.  Looking around, I found Karate Depot, which is a great site with free shipping if you order over $25!

These are the student bottoms we picked: Black Karate Pants which were on sale for $19.95.

We also got new white pants for my daughter, who is in a 000 size right now, but the pants are a bit snug in the waist, so I got her some 00's. I picked these out for her: Karate Pants by Macho which were ALSO on sale for $19.95.

In additions, my son outgrew the size of his foot gear for sparring, so we had to get that as well.  These were very cost effective: Kuma Kicks AND we were able to get them in red to match the rest of his sparring gear.

All in all, I'm really glad the kids like Karate, but I have to say they need to stop growing for a while so I don't need to get new uniforms and gear all the time!

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