Tuesday, May 15, 2012


There has been so much going on since I last posted.  Changes in me, mostly.  Changes in how I see God, how I see myself, and how I see the people and situations around me.  New ideas keep flowing through my mind, new understandings on what Jesus really accomplished, and just overall a shift in understanding for me. 

It's been an amazing time, but also difficult.  Shifting your understanding of things, especially when you think you "get it", is challenging.  I've started journaling on my computer because I really feel like I process through ideas better when I'm typing them out - and I also feel like God speaks more clearly to me, and then I have what He's saying written down so I can go back and process it.  Because I'm typically typing what's going on in me and with me on any given day, I figured maybe it would be a good time to get back to my blog - if I'm writing most every day anyway, why not blog about what I'm learning and how I'm growing?

So I'm going to start putting up what I'm learning periodically - maybe not every day to start off with, but expect to see something every few days or so.  I'm expecting to keep learning and growing as I do - and I hope it will inspire others as well.